There are various sizes of Low Voltage Capacitor units in term of power rating (kVAR) and voltage rating available in the market. The most common voltage rating available for local market are 415VAC, 440VAC, 480VAC, 500VAC and 525VAC 3-phase 50Hz capacitor unit. However, in order to make it easier, we normally emphasize on the 440VAC and 525VAC 3-phase 50Hz capacitor unit.


The 440VAC 3-phase 50Hz unit is most commonly use in the industry. However, if the electrical network is encounter power quality distortion at a minor level, the 525VAC 3-phase 50Hz capacitor unit should be apply to provide higher tolerance in order to withstand the distortion level.


The available brand are :

~ ABB, Sweden

~ Nokian, Finland

~ Esta Roederstein, Germany

~ Siemens, Germany

~ Frako, Germany

~ Electronikon (MKP), Germany

~ Circutor, Spain

~ Sizuki, Japan

~ Comar, Italy

Other brand are available upon request.


The conversion from kVAR rating to ampere rating are as following formula.

Qc (kVAR) = I (Current) x V (Voltage) x 3


Qc = Capacitor rating in kVAR

I = Rated current

V = Rated Voltage


Beside Low Voltage Capacitor, we are also dealing with 3.3kV, 6.6kV & 11kV Capacitor bank.

The available brand are :

~ ABB, Sweden

~ Esta Roederstein / Vishay, Germany

~ Nokian, Finland


Other brand are available upon request.


Beside supplying the products, we are having the technical expertise to assist you on designing the complete Power Factor Correction System for any kind of industry.


Please do not hesitate to contact us should you required further assistant.


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